Buncombe County Emergency Services Training Center

Buncombe County, North Carolina

KEG provided geotechnical engineering services during the exploratory phase of this project.  These services included performing a series of 20 soil test borings totaling 430 linear feet and developing recommendations for site grading and foundation construction for this 132 acre site.  KEG provided construction materials testing services in Phase I construction associated with site grading as well as pavement and infrastructure construction.  Completed Phase I services provided by KEG included testing and monitoring of construction of earthwork fill embankments up to 30 feet high, proofrolling of subgrade areas, and testing of heavy-duty concrete and asphalt pavements for access roads, sidewalks, 16 parking lots, and specialty grade slabs associated with emergency driving and rescue skills.  This included testing of over 60 separate concrete pours of heavy-duty concrete pavements and curbs associated with the construction of skid and skill pads, an urban vehicle skills area, burn pits and inclined extrication pits.

KEG also provided Special Inspections services during construction of seven training buildings, including a six-story drill tower and a four-story high rise burn training building.  These services included inspection of reinforcing
steel for foundations, cast-in-place walls, heavy-duty elevated slabs and reinforced masonry for seismic requirements.  Concrete, grout, and mortar used for construction were continuously observed during placement for correct mix design and tested in the field for slump, air content, temperature, and compliance with hot/cold weather protection requirements.  KEG performed nearly 1,400 concrete/mortar/grout compressive strength tests for this project.

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